So this crazy journey began after I made my mother-in-law a bag for Christmas. Who knew that Butterfly Tree would be born out of a knitting bag!

“I just need a bag that I can fit everything in; that half finished cardigan for Eve, that scarf for Eden and that rug blanket I’ll probably never finish”.

“Ok, I’ll see what I can do”.

So I set to it. A large, tall, sturdy bag with 8 internal pockets and wooden handles made from Yorkshire’s own Prestigious Textiles upholstery fabric.

Christmas was a hit-she loved it, although I’m not sure any of the projects have been completed yet.

I took it to the fabulous Baa Ram Ewe now based in Chapel Allerton, Leeds and they ordered 9! I was overjoyed but as reality set in so did the panic!

I soon developed three sizes, a smaller bag for crochet needles, a medium for organised knitters who work project by project, and a large bag for everyone who, like my Mother-in-law, knits 3 + projects at any one time along with needle cases in matching fabrics.

From the beginning the ethos has always been, quality fabric and attention to detail to produce quality bags that last a lifetime and sourcing fabric from local mills – flying the flag for British made products.

At this point I didn’t even have a logo, but the day soon came where I knew that this bag obsession of mine was indeed my new calling. I realised I knew the perfect man for the job and called Green Hat Designs in Bristol. They managed to capture everything I wanted for the company in a logo. From this point on, I really felt I had a business and my mindset had changed. I wasn’t just making bags for people that appreciated quality bags, I had a business and a brand-I had something to say through my bags!

Now it’s sounding as though I did this all on my own, and to a point it’s my determination that has brought me to this point. But there are always a few people in your life that are there no matter what, cheering you on. I am lucky enough to have a husband that believes in me and always has. Yeah, ok, he jokes about my Yorkshire puddings looking like biscuits, but at the heart of it all he is there, beside me. My biggest fan.