The time has finally come – Butterfly Tree has well and truly outgrown my spare room and has graduated. I feel so grown up! So many breath-taking events have happened over the past year, but this one really is at the top for super exciting. I know a few people that are happy that the spare room in my house now has a guest bed in it once again.

Our new address is in the grounds of the prestigious A. W. Hainsworth Mill in Stanningley, Yorkshire, where I have been welcomed with open arms as part of the Hainsworth family. Hainsworth fabric has clothed royalty and the military for full-dress ceremonial occasions for centuries. As part of the Leeds Beckett University Creative Hub, my office, formerly known as the Library (those of you that know me personally will see the irony there) once a blank canvas, is now a vibrant hive of activity full of fabric, bags and creativity. My modest room is home to an office table, cutting table, my trusty industrial sewing machine Bertha and an elegant display of my collection to remind me of how far I have come in this short time.

My new work colleagues have opened their hearts and welcomed me with open arms, I feel exceptionally lucky to have their support. A special mention to Adam Hainsworth who’s overwhelming kindness is accelerating Butterfly Tree to new and exciting heights.

Our plans for the future not only include onsite manufacturing and a new collection, but possibilities that will enable me to focus on driving Butterfly Tree forward and reaching out to new prospective stockists and buyers. I will be back with more news on what we are up to at t’mill as they say in Yorkshire.