As soon as the logo was finalised I felt as though I had a responsibility to it, I knew I had to succeed no matter what. I set out designing the perfect bag. I knew I wanted to incorporate a colourful lining to each bag-what’s the point in having a gorgeous bag if when you open it its PLAIN! No thanks. All my bags have vibrant interior fabric.

I can tell you now that I had lots of bad ideas but the bags I have in the collection now would never had evolved if I hadn’t failed a few times along the way.

I started approaching local shops that specialised in handmade crafts. My second stockist was Fabrication in The Light, Leeds which was not only an eye opening experience but a massive learning curve. I met so many craftsmen, each highly skilled in their field. I gathered information constantly and this lead me into the world of fairs and stalls such as Crafts In The Pen and The Winter Market.

As time went on I realsied that not everyone I meet is going to a) like my stuff and b) have a positive effect in my life or on my confidence. This is something I am still learning to manage-a life skill that makes a person stronger in their quest! Difficulties will always come bounding along and how you deal with them is key to success. I’m thinking if I can manage disappointment and spin it into a positive I’m doing ok and I think I’m lucky that my passion for my product pushes me on everyday.

As I’m constantly looking at fabric it is no surprise that massive excitement was created over the first wool bag I made-this is such a tactile fabric, it makes you literally want to keep touching it. Wool has been used for fine tailoring for centuries and no doubt it’s because of it’s quality and elegance. The process this natural fibre has to go through to become something exquisite is amazing and is worth it.

My first Butterfly Tree Christmas was amazing. Retail is unpredictable at the best of times but at Christmas you can guarantee that interest in your products will increase. This is exciting for any maker but unlike wholesalers who buy in bulk, crafters are used to spending a lot of time on each item. So, preparing in advance is the only option. For us, Christmas starts in June!