Hebden Bridge is a hidden gem of a village in West Yorkshire which was declared the 4th quirkiest place in the world by Highlife Magazine in 2005. With an abundance of independent shops, it is renowned for it’s ‘new age’ community which is reflected in the aura of Hebden. It is a lively, colourful village that has attracted poets, musicians, sculptors, photographers and writers for decades.

I am very excited to be working on a new project for the newly re-opened Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge. After the devastating floods on Boxing Day 2015, the Heart Gallery are ecstatic to open their doors once again showing beautiful work by artists and designers alike. The collection will consist of 4 designs which reflect the history of the working mills of Hebden and the stunning countryside of the Upper Calder Valley.

Local, Yorkshire fabrics will be used including our most popular shade ‘Seagrass’ which seems fitting for Hebden considering the lush green countryside and the stunning River Calder that runs through the town. The Heart Gallery’s Hebden Collection will be clearly identified with a bespoke leather, handstitched stamp. Truly unique, truly Hebden.

After much research I sat down with my sketch pad, trying to bear mind the everyday uses we see as essential these days, compartments, adjustability and durability. I try to design a bag for current and retired wet wipe users – Mums and Dads, you know who you are. Some people like to have a very functional bag that suits most of their wardrobe, usually grey or navy as their colour of choice. Others have many bags and like to change depending on their outfit and tend to go for a brighter and more daring colour or pattern. I hope this bespoke collection will cater for you all.

Coming Soon!