I can safely say that this journey has been the most incredible experience so far. I’m not sure if all businesses happen by accident by this one truly has taken me to a very new place in my life, one that I was NOT expecting at all!

I am very proud to announce that Butterfly Tree will be featured in store and online at the ‘Made Local’ in John Lewis, Leeds this year! I feel a cocktail of emotions, to say I’m excited is a total understatement. Daunted? Check. Nervous? Check. I could go on all day.

People say, well done! Congratulations! But really getting my bags into John Lewis was all thanks to The Great British Exchange who saw something special in my products and agreed to exhibit them in their showroom. So, I owe a lot to them…thanks guys!

The John Lewis collection will consist of 5 different styles in various colours. I’ve worked hard to make sure my bags and purses would get used daily, and at the same time, make a statement in your accessories collection. Out with your bog standard boring black and brown bags it’s time to express your inner fashion goddess and get colourful with your bags ladies! John Lewis have chosen our Janet, Becky, Verity, Natasha and Scoopie bags for the collection in a beautiful (and very popular) seagrass which could be described as teal to some, we have a very trendy faun spot wool in navy, pink and teal that competes with your typical high street branded spot oilcloth bag, a checked design in purple, pink and blue for all you wanna be Burberry fans, and a sophisticated grey. More colours are available on our WEBSITE. Tempted yet? Well, wait until you hear that they are all affordable ranging from £12 to £55!

The John Lewis grand opening is on October 20th so be sure to be first in line to check out all 11 local designers lucky enough to be chosen for the collection.

So, I know where I’m going to be the day those doors open at John Lewis, Victoria Gate, Leeds-looking at my bags on the shelf! I can’t wait and I want to thank everyone for their support on my journey so far.